Anne Johnston Albert

If you read the blog, then you must know Anne by now. We met in 10th grade when she had just moved from Guatemala, where she lived with her family for years. She was wearing a preppy outfit to fit in at our school and I basically was like "hey, you're gorgeous and should be a model and let's get you some cool clothes!" We became inseparable, known as Fric and Frac, and have remained besties ever since. And yes, she went on to become a model and fashion editor, creative director and illustrator—you might remember her drawings from my page, Fashion Babble in Lucky Magazine. She also drew all the girls in my book, I Want to Be Her! Anyway, Anne has amazing taste and she's who I turn to when I'm on the fence about buying anything, so I'm psyched she is selling some of her coveted stuff right here!  

Occupation: Creative director and illustrator

Self-described style: Practical, basic, classic, undone with a little chic thrown in.

My style icon(s): Lee Radziwill! Especially in the '70s. I love the leisure photos of her when her hair is messy and she’s wearing very basic things like a little tee shirt and high-waisted, wide leg jeans (one of my own favorite outfits to wear) but looking glamorous, cool and even chicer than when she’s “done”—I also love the tailored stiff pieces she always wore in the mix—everything still looks so current.

What is your daily uniform? Tee shirts and jeans—because I hate thinking about what to wear and this always works with the shoe and jacket or sweater choice defining the rest.

If I could look like anyone besides me it would be  Caroline de Maigret—I love her style, her hair, and her face is pretty but in an interesting way.

I cannot love without: Boots boots boots! Great ankle boots of all kinds!

My secret vice: I don’t have any vices that are secret.