Brianna Lance

Brianna is one of the busiest, yet most-laid back people we know. She's also kind of a big deal and is completely unpretentious. For starters, she used to be the head designer for cult label Reformation (and had a lot to do with the marketing that made them so popular), then classic menswear label Basic Rights. She's an un-cheesy Instagram star, major influencer and creative consultant for tons of brands. Plus she's a talented musician (and is currently working on a record with producer Dave Fridman) and painter (we LOVE her paintings — follow her @breez_lance to see some them). Here's a little bit more about Brianna in her own words:

Occupation: Creative director/musician/painter

Self-described style: It’s always the half-boy/half-dressing-up box.

My style icon(s): Charlotte Rampling, Françoise Hardy, Brigitte Bardot. They all just seemed so effortlessly stylish. They were comfortable in their clothes while still being glamorous no matter what.

Favorite jewelry or fashion designers (and why): I love ancient jewelry so maybe pharaohs were my favorite jewelry designers. My favorite fashion designer was Yves Saint Laurent. His vintage pieces still seem relevant.

Favorite movie moment: Every single scene from “The Great Beauty”

The song that gets me moving: Atomic Bomb by William Onyeabor

The song that makes me cry (in a good way): Into My Arms by Nick Cave

Most surprising thing about me: I’m OCD about a lot of things, mainly being on time, vacuuming, lint, tidying up, cleaning before and after I paint... the list goes on and on and on.