Tina Lipman

Tina is a dear friend who also happens to be a really talented makeup artist, and she also shows off her effortless style in The Cool Factor. Anyway, we're psyched she decided to unload some of her treasures right here. Happy shopping!

Self-described style: "I’d say I’m a hippie at the core but mixed with some rock 'n roll tendencies. 

Style icons: "Jane birkin, Ali MacGraw, Brigitte Bardot.I find any women who look confident to be stylish, no matter what they wear. I’m also truly inspired by my stylish daughter and her friends."

My uniform: "I’m a jeans girl, but not just any jeans. I’ll go far and look long for the right fit. I love old school tee shirt with capped sleeves. Oversized sweaters are always a must.